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Claiming a NFTrophy is easy: you just have to follow a few steps.

Get a digital wallet*

*This is the first step for any NFT and Web 3 activity. It’s like having an email address to be able to use an Gmail.

  1. Go to and download the browser extension.

If you’re on your phone, there is also an app, you can sync both further on. 

When creating your wallet, you will generate a password and be given a “Secret Recovery Phrase”, 12 words you should keep in a secure place and not share with anyone.


2.Add the Polygon (MATIC) network by clicking on the menu that shows the current network. It will be Ethereum by default.

Select the Matic Mainnet network


Visit the NFTrophy gallery of the organization

5.-From the NFTrophy Gallery (the organization should have shared a link with you):

Use the browser and filters to find yourself.

6.- Once you find your NFTrophy, make sure that all the data is correct. If so, click on the “claim” button.

7.-Proceed to verify your identity:

  • We will send you a verification code to make sure that your award will only be claimed by you.

  • In some cases, you will need to provide your company email, as it is often the one used in the project’s entry form. 

8.-Once your identity is verified you’ll be able to paste your Public Wallet ID

This number is used only to send and receive tokens or cryptocurrency easily. No one can access or take anything from your wallet with this number.

9.- NFTrophies are personal, so the festival  will need to verify the identity of every winner, and approve the minting.

10.- Once it is approved, you will get an email with a link to your minted and visible on OpenSea trophy.


Your NFTrophy is now minted as an NFT on the Polygon Network. You should receive an email from the organization with a link where you’ll be able to see your NFT in OpenSea and any marketplace compatible with Polygon! 

If you have any questions or encounter any issues during the process, reach out to for help.

Happy NFT claiming!