Everybody can get a

meaningful verified shareable NFTrophy.

Give everyone on a winning team the recognition they deserve with an NFTrophy, an NFT-based, digital award that is actually meaningful, useful, and exciting to receive.

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Traceable and verified

Every NFTrophy comes with permanent, certified provenance on the blockchain, directly linked to the awarding organization.

Innovative and forward-looking

Few NFT projects out there offer real value to holders and organizations. Every NFTrophy does.

Gain media exposure

The innovative, high-quality nature of our NFTrophies present significant opportunities for increased media exposure.

Novel and buzz-worthy

Early NFTrophy adopters will create word of mouth, sharing on social media and amplifying exposure.

We're redefining what it means to give / receive a trophy — and transforming awards for the future.

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What the market is saying about our NFTrophies

We love the idea of recognizing and rewarding our entrants' innovation with cutting edge technology. Non-Fungible Trophies are the future.

Greg GalantCo-Creator and Executive Producer of The Shorty Awards

Creativity and innovation go hand in hand. When presented with the opportunity, we had to do it and we couldn’t be happier we did: We know our members will love it!

Alvaro OlalquiagaManaging Director

Being a trailblazer in a web3 world is no easy feat. Alfonso Cuesta and the entire team at Non-Fungible Trophies have created a smart application of NFT technology with clear utility. Keep moving forward and never stop creating!

Dixie GilbertPartner at Scout’s Honor : Technologist and Chief Curiosity Officer